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The Story of CampWorks:

In 1975, Tenderfoot Scout John Callos attended Catalina Island's Camp Cherry Valley for the first of many consecutive summers. Thirty years later, Eagle Scout John Callos returned to Cherry Valley with his son's troop and found that the camp had changed dramatically.

The cove was still crystal clear, the campsites and target ranges were still in the same spots. However, something was very different! The remarkable change was in the Camp's leadership, its program and its highly motivated staff.

He had never experienced this level of patriotism, discipline, respect, energy, reverence, leadership skills, fun and free-spiritedness at any other BSA Camp Staff. Those Camp Counselors and Staff were absolutely incredible and the Scouts really loved them and had a great time. But as importantly, Adult Leaders were also engaged with leadership classes in the mess hall. Classes were led by Dave Hopkins.

John sat mesmerized by Dave's story-telling skills and the way he motivated the Adult Leaders to get involved. Dave told moving stories that were filled with important life lessons that really inspired the attendees to think about how to be better men, better fathers, better community leaders, and better partners for their spouses.

One day, John pulled Dave aside and told him that he was running the most incredible Camp he'd ever seen. Further, the Staff was so motivated, so committed to the Scouts, so engaging that John couldn't figure out what or how Dave and his senior team were able to get these young Camp Leaders to be so motivated. John said that being around this group of Dave's leaders really gave him renewed faith in the future, and in the American Dream.

As it turned out, Dave Hopkins had a dream of his own.

Dave, a highly respected school teacher from Layton, Utah, had always dreamed of taking his approach to developing young leaders and offering his own unique program to BSA Camps in multiple locations. Dave shared his dream with John, who immediately offered to back the dream and help Dave build a company. Within months, CampWorks was born.

CampWorks, is committed to developing Scouts into future leaders with its unique brand of patriotism, leadership development programs, advancement and merit badge programs, camp service projects, and plenty of spirited fun.

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