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Mountain Man Care Pack: $65
Your camper will be right at home in the woods with a Daniel Boone coonskin hat, bear claw necklace, lots of candy and treats that would make a mountain man envious. Spit David sunflower seeds, chewy on corn nuts, and suck root beer candy while running around camp.

Package Contents:
Bear Claw Necklace Kits
Coonskin Hat
Packages Corn Nuts Crunchy Ranch
Packages David Sun Flower Seeds
Packages Dolly Madison Chocolate Zingers
Oberto Beef Jerky
Old Fashioned Root Beer Candy Sticks
Slim Jim Smoked Beef Sticks
Packages Sour Punch Straws
10 Sweet's Saltwater Taffy

Note: In order to keep our care package fresh, Camp Care Packs does not purchase and assemble items until soon before camp season. Therefore care package items may be substituted for equivalent items based on what is available at shipping time.