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Miner Forty-Niner Care Pack: $49
Give your camper the chance to go back in time and work like they did in the Old West. Make time spent down by the bank of the streams or lakes a lot more interesting panning for gold with a new miner’s kit. Your camper will enjoy all the treats that modern-day prospectors eat like jerky, Chex Mix, a Twinkie, hard candy, and golden Oreo cookies. Just in case they strike out looking for gold nuggets at camp, they will be smile when they see you have sent them ten gold half-dollar chocolate candies.

Package Contents:
Package(s) Chex Mix
10 Gold Half-Dollar Chocolate Candies
Jolly Rancher Hard Candies
Packages Oreo Golden Vanilla Cookies
Panning for Gold Kit
Slim Jim Smoked Beef Sticks

Note: In order to keep our care package fresh, Camp Care Packs does not purchase and assemble items until soon before camp season. Therefore care package items may be substituted for equivalent items based on what is available at shipping time.